assert_generates(expected_path, options, defaults={}, extras = {}, message=nil) public

Asserts that the provided options can be used to generate the provided path. This is the inverse of assert_recognizes. The extras parameter is used to tell the request the names and values of additional request parameters that would be in a query string. The message parameter allows you to specify a custom error message for assertion failures.

The defaults parameter is unused.


  # Asserts that the default action is generated for a route with no action
  assert_generates "/items", :controller => "items", :action => "index"

  # Tests that the list action is properly routed
  assert_generates "/items/list", :controller => "items", :action => "list"

  # Tests the generation of a route with a parameter
  assert_generates "/items/list/1", { :controller => "items", :action => "list", :id => "1" }

  # Asserts that the generated route gives us our custom route
  assert_generates "changesets/12", { :controller => 'scm', :action => 'show_diff', :revision => "12" }
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