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ssl_options=(opts={}) public

Options that will get applied to an SSL connection.

  • :key - An OpenSSL::PKey::RSA or OpenSSL::PKey::DSA object.
  • :cert - An OpenSSL::X509::Certificate object as client certificate
  • :ca_file - Path to a CA certification file in PEM format. The file can contrain several CA certificates.
  • :ca_path - Path of a CA certification directory containing certifications in PEM format.
  • :verify_mode - Flags for server the certification verification at begining of SSL/TLS session. (OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_NONE or OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_PEER is acceptable)
  • :verify_callback - The verify callback for the server certification verification.
  • :verify_depth - The maximum depth for the certificate chain verification.
  • :cert_store - OpenSSL::X509::Store to verify peer certificate.
  • :ssl_timeout -The SSL timeout in seconds.
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