drop_receiving_element(element_id, options = {}) public

Makes the element with the DOM ID specified by element_id receive dropped draggable elements (created by draggable_element). and make an AJAX call. By default, the action called gets the DOM ID of the element as parameter.


  <%= drop_receiving_element("my_cart", :url =>
    { :controller => "cart", :action => "add" }) %>

You can change the behaviour with various options, see http://script.aculo.us for more documentation.

Some of these options include:

  • :accept - Set this to a string or an array of strings describing the allowable CSS classes that the draggable_element must have in order to be accepted by this drop_receiving_element.
  • :confirm - Adds a confirmation dialog. Example:
      :confirm => "Are you sure you want to do this?"
  • :hoverclass - If set, the drop_receiving_element will have this additional CSS class when an accepted draggable_element is hovered over it.
  • :onDrop - Called when a draggable_element is dropped onto this element. Override this callback with a JavaScript expression to change the default drop behaviour. Example:
      :onDrop => "function(draggable_element, droppable_element, event) { alert('I like bananas') }"

    This callback gets three parameters: The Draggable element, the Droppable element and the Event object. You can extract additional information about the drop - like if the Ctrl or Shift keys were pressed - from the Event object.

  • :with - A JavaScript expression specifying the parameters for the XMLHttpRequest. Any expressions should return a valid URL query string.
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