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render(options = {}, local_assigns = {}, &block) public

Returns the result of a render that’s dictated by the options hash. The primary options are:

  • :partial - See ActionView::Partials.
  • :update - Calls update_page with the block given.
  • :file - Renders an explicit template file (this used to be the old default), add :locals to pass in those.
  • :inline - Renders an inline template similar to how it’s done in the controller.
  • :text - Renders the text passed in out.

If no options hash is passed or :update specified, the default is to render a partial and use the second parameter as the locals hash.

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July 29, 2011 - (v2.1.0)
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default value for :use_full_path

FYI, It in Rails 2.1.1 the default value for :use_full_path has changed from true to false.

This will show up as an error stating “No such file or directory”