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configure() public

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# File railties/lib/rails/mongrel_server/commands.rb, line 55
      def configure
        options [
          ["-e", "--environment ENV", "Rails environment to run as", :@environment, ENV['RAILS_ENV'] || "development"],
          ["-d", "--daemonize", "Run daemonized in the background", :@daemon, false],
          ['-p', '--port PORT', "Which port to bind to", :@port, 3000],
          ['-a', '--address ADDR', "Address to bind to", :@address, ""],
          ['-l', '--log FILE', "Where to write log messages", :@log_file, "log/mongrel.log"],
          ['-P', '--pid FILE', "Where to write the PID", :@pid_file, "tmp/pids/mongrel.pid"],
          ['-n', '--num-procs INT', "Number of processors active before clients denied", :@num_procs, 1024],
          ['-o', '--timeout TIME', "Time to wait (in seconds) before killing a stalled thread", :@timeout, 60],
          ['-t', '--throttle TIME', "Time to pause (in hundredths of a second) between accepting clients", :@throttle, 0],
          ['-m', '--mime PATH', "A YAML file that lists additional MIME types", :@mime_map, nil],
          ['-c', '--chdir PATH', "Change to dir before starting (will be expanded)", :@cwd, RAILS_ROOT],
          ['-r', '--root PATH', "Set the document root (default 'public')", :@docroot, "public"],
          ['-B', '--debug', "Enable debugging mode", :@debug, false],
          ['-C', '--config PATH', "Use a config file", :@config_file, nil],
          ['-S', '--script PATH', "Load the given file as an extra config script", :@config_script, nil],
          ['-G', '--generate PATH', "Generate a config file for use with -C", :@generate, nil],
          ['', '--user USER', "User to run as", :@user, nil],
          ['', '--group GROUP', "Group to run as", :@group, nil],
          ['', '--prefix PATH', "URL prefix for Rails app", :@prefix, nil],

          ['-b', '--binding ADDR', "Address to bind to (deprecated, use -a)", :@address, ""],
          ['-u', '--debugger', "Enable debugging mode (deprecated, use -B)", :@debug, false]
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