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load_plugins() public

Loads all plugins in config.plugin_paths. plugin_paths defaults to vendor/plugins but may also be set to a list of paths, such as

  config.plugin_paths = ["#{RAILS_ROOT}/lib/plugins", "#{RAILS_ROOT}/vendor/plugins"]

In the default implementation, as each plugin discovered in plugin_paths is initialized:

  • its lib directory, if present, is added to the load path (immediately after the applications lib directory)
  • init.rb is evaluated, if present

After all plugins are loaded, duplicates are removed from the load path. If an array of plugin names is specified in config.plugins, only those plugins will be loaded and they plugins will be loaded in that order. Otherwise, plugins are loaded in alphabetical order.

if config.plugins ends contains :all then the named plugins will be loaded in the given order and all other plugins will be loaded in alphabetical order

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