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July 23, 2008
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Custom annotation types

For group work you may need something more than FIXME, OPTIMIZE and TODO. Just create new rake file and place it to lib/tasks:

require 'source_annotation_extractor'

task :notes do
  SourceAnnotationExtractor.enumerate "WTF|OMG", :tag => true

namespace :notes do
  desc "Enumerate all WTF annotations"
  task :wtf do
    SourceAnnotationExtractor.enumerate "WTF"

  desc "Enumerate all OMG annotations"
  task :omg do
    SourceAnnotationExtractor.enumerate "OMG"

or create an array of new types and generate tasks dynamicaly.

January 27, 2009
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Add Rspec files to the annotations

By default the annotations search the ‘test’ folder, but not the ‘spec’ folder if you are using Rspec. To get those specs involved do this:

require 'source_annotation_extractor'

class SourceAnnotationExtractor
  def find(dirs=%w(app lib spec))
    dirs.inject({}) { |h, dir| h.update(find_in(dir)) }

If you have other folders you want to check, just add them to the dirs list.