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session(*args) public

Specify how sessions ought to be managed for a subset of the actions on the controller. Like filters, you can specify :only and :except clauses to restrict the subset, otherwise options apply to all actions on this controller.

The session options are inheritable, as well, so if you specify them in a parent controller, they apply to controllers that extend the parent.


  # turn off session management for all actions.
  session :off

  # turn off session management for all actions _except_ foo and bar.
  session :off, :except => %w(foo bar)

  # turn off session management for only the foo and bar actions.
  session :off, :only => %w(foo bar)

  # the session will only work over HTTPS, but only for the foo action
  session :only => :foo, :session_secure => true

  # the session will only be disabled for 'foo', and only if it is
  # requested as a web service
  session :off, :only => :foo,
          :if => { |req| req.parameters[:ws] }

  # the session will be disabled for non html/ajax requests
  session :off,
    :if => { |req| !(req.format.html? || req.format.js?) }

All session options described for ActionController::Base.process_cgi are valid arguments.

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