visual_effect(name, element_id = false, js_options = {}) public

Returns a JavaScript snippet to be used on the Ajax callbacks for starting visual effects.


  <%= link_to_remote "Reload", :update => "posts",
        :url => { :action => "reload" },
        :complete => visual_effect(:highlight, "posts", :duration => 0.5)

If no element_id is given, it assumes "element" which should be a local variable in the generated JavaScript execution context. This can be used for example with drop_receiving_element:

  <%= drop_receving_element (...), :loading => visual_effect(:fade) %>

This would fade the element that was dropped on the drop receiving element.

For toggling visual effects, you can use :toggle_appear, :toggle_slide, and :toggle_blind which will alternate between appear/fade, slidedown/slideup, and blinddown/blindup respectively.

You can change the behaviour with various options, see http://script.aculo.us for more documentation.

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