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auto_complete_field(field_id, options = {}) public

DEPRECATION WARNING: This method will become a separate plugin when Rails 2.0 ships.

Adds AJAX autocomplete functionality to the text input field with the DOM ID specified by field_id.

This function expects that the called action returns an HTML <ul> list, or nothing if no entries should be displayed for autocompletion.

You’ll probably want to turn the browser’s built-in autocompletion off, so be sure to include an autocomplete="off" attribute with your text input field.

The autocompleter object is assigned to a Javascript variable named field_id_auto_completer. This object is useful if you for example want to trigger the auto-complete suggestions through other means than user input (for that specific case, call the activate method on that object).

Required options are:

:url:URL to call for autocompletion results in url_for format.

Addtional options are:

:update:Specifies the DOM ID of the element whose innerHTML should be updated with the autocomplete entries returned by the AJAX request. Defaults to field_id + ‘_auto_complete’
:with:A JavaScript expression specifying the parameters for the XMLHttpRequest. This defaults to ‘fieldname=value’.
:frequency:Determines the time to wait after the last keystroke for the AJAX request to be initiated.
:indicator:Specifies the DOM ID of an element which will be displayed while autocomplete is running.
:tokens:A string or an array of strings containing separator tokens for tokenized incremental autocompletion. Example: :tokens => ',' would allow multiple autocompletion entries, separated by commas.
:min_chars:The minimum number of characters that should be in the input field before an Ajax call is made to the server.
:on_hide:A Javascript expression that is called when the autocompletion div is hidden. The expression should take two variables: element and update. Element is a DOM element for the field, update is a DOM element for the div from which the innerHTML is replaced.
:on_show:Like on_hide, only now the expression is called then the div is shown.
:after_update_element:A Javascript expression that is called when the user has selected one of the proposed values. The expression should take two variables: element and value. Element is a DOM element for the field, value is the value selected by the user.
:select:Pick the class of the element from which the value for insertion should be extracted. If this is not specified, the entire element is used.
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August 4, 2008
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November 21, 2008
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Install the plugin by typing

script/plugin install auto_complete

Remember to restart webservice :)