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assert_response(type, message = nil) public

Asserts that the response is one of the following types:

  • :success: Status code was 200
  • :redirect: Status code was in the 300-399 range
  • :missing: Status code was 404
  • :error: Status code was in the 500-599 range

You can also pass an explicit status number like assert_response(501) or its symbolic equivalent assert_response(:not_implemented). See <a href="/rails/ActionController/StatusCodes">ActionController::StatusCodes</a> for a full list.

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March 11, 2010
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Good way to see what went wrong

Use the message parameter like that:

assert_response :success, @response.body

If this fails (the response isn’t a success), it will display the response body along with the failure message, thus allowing you to quickly find out what went wrong. If the response is e.g. 500, there will probably be some exception stacktrace displayed in the body. And so on.

November 22, 2009
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assert_response(:success) checks if the status code is in the range 200-299

success? in ActionController::TestResponseBehavior is defined as:

def success?