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to_sentence(options = {}) public

Converts the array to comma-seperated sentence where the last element is joined by the connector word. Options:

  • :connector: The word used to join the last element in arrays with more than two elements (default: "and")
  • :skip_last_comma: Set to true to return "a, b, and c" instead of "a, b and c".
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March 2, 2009
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Valid options changed in Rails v2.3.0 RC1

The valid options in Rails v2.3.0 RC1 are no longer

:connector and :skip_last_comma, but

:words_connector, :two_words_connector, and :last_word_connector:

>> %w(lorem ipsum dolor sit).to_sentence
=> "lorem, ipsum, dolor, and sit"

>> %w(lorem ipsum dolor sit).to_sentence(:words_connector => ' + ')
=> "lorem + ipsum + dolor, and sit"

>> %w(lorem ipsum).to_sentence(:two_words_connector => ' through ')
=> "lorem through ipsum"

# No effect if more than two words
>> %w(lorem ipsum dolor sit).to_sentence(:two_words_connector => ' through ')
=> "lorem, ipsum, dolor, and sit"

>> %w(lorem ipsum dolor sit).to_sentence(:last_word_connector => ' or ')
=> "lorem, ipsum, dolor or sit"