validates_acceptance_of(*attr_names) public

Encapsulates the pattern of wanting to validate the acceptance of a terms of service check box (or similar agreement). Example:

  class Person < ActiveRecord::Base
    validates_acceptance_of :terms_of_service
    validates_acceptance_of :eula, :message => "must be abided"

The terms_of_service attribute is entirely virtual. No database column is needed. This check is performed only if terms_of_service is not nil and by default on save.

Configuration options:

  • message - A custom error message (default is: "must be accepted")
  • on - Specifies when this validation is active (default is :save, other options :create, :update)
  • accept - Specifies value that is considered accepted. The default value is a string "1", which

makes it easy to relate to an HTML checkbox.

  • if - Specifies a method, proc or string to call to determine if the validation should

occur (e.g. :if => :allow_validation, or :if => Proc.new { |user| user.signup_step > 2 }). The method, proc or string should return or evaluate to a true or false value.

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December 2, 2010 - (<= v3.0.0)
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Checks if attribute is equal to '1' by default

It’s easy to overlook the :accept option which dictates that the attribute shall be ‘1’, not ‘yes’, not true, but ‘1’ only for validation to pass.

For ‘1’ shall the value be, no more, no less. ‘1’ shall be the value thou shalt validate, and thy validation shall check for ‘1’. ‘2’ shalt not thou validate, neither ‘3’, nor ‘0’, excepting that thou shall then set the value to ‘1’. true is right out. Once the value ‘1’, being the value of the attribute named, then thou shall have validation and thy object shall be valid.