excerpt(text, phrase, radius = 100, excerpt_string = "...") public

Extracts an excerpt from the text surrounding the phrase with a number of characters on each side determined by radius. If the phrase isn’t found, nil is returned. Ex:

  excerpt("hello my world", "my", 3) => "...lo my wo..."
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September 23, 2008 - (<= v2.1.0)
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Description copied from Rails 2.0

Extracts an excerpt from text that matches the first instance of phrase. The radius expands the excerpt on each side of the first occurrence of phrase by the number of characters defined in radius (which defaults to 100). If the excerpt radius overflows the beginning or end of the text, then the excerpt_string will be prepended/appended accordingly. If the phrase isn‘t found, nil is returned.


excerpt('This is an example', 'an', 5)
# => "...s is an examp..."

excerpt('This is an example', 'is', 5)
# => "This is an..."

excerpt('This is an example', 'is')
# => "This is an example"

excerpt('This next thing is an example', 'ex', 2)
# => "...next t..."

excerpt('This is also an example', 'an', 8, '<chop> ')
# => "<chop> is also an example"