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observe_form(form_id, options = {}) public

Like observe_field, but operates on an entire form identified by the DOM ID form_id. options are the same as observe_field, except the default value of the :with option evaluates to the serialized (request string) value of the form.

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October 6, 2008 - (<= v2.1.0)
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Multiple select and observe form

To make an observe form send all of the values selected in a multiple select html list, ensure you have the square brackets set in the name for the select tag e.g: group[]. This makes it pass the selected options in the params hash as an array.

<% remote_form_for :model, :url => {:action => ‘list’}, :html =>{:id => ‘model_id’} do |form| %>

<%= select_tag(‘group[]’, options_for_select(Model.find(:all).collect{|v|v.property}), :multiple => true) %>

<% end %>

<%= observe_form( ‘model’, :frequency => 2, :url => {:action => ‘list’} ) %>