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process_cgi(cgi = CGI.new, session_options = {}) public

Process a request extracted from an CGI object and return a response. Pass false as session_options to disable sessions (large performance increase if sessions are not needed). The session_options are the same as for CGI::Session:

  • :database_manager - standard options are CGI::Session::FileStore, CGI::Session::MemoryStore, and CGI::Session::PStore (default). Additionally, there is CGI::Session::DRbStore and CGI::Session::ActiveRecordStore. Read more about these in lib/action_controller/session.
  • :session_key - the parameter name used for the session id. Defaults to ‘_session_id’.
  • :session_id - the session id to use. If not provided, then it is retrieved from the session_key parameter of the request, or automatically generated for a new session.
  • :new_session - if true, force creation of a new session. If not set, a new session is only created if none currently exists. If false, a new session is never created, and if none currently exists and the session_id option is not set, an ArgumentError is raised.
  • :session_expires - the time the current session expires, as a Time object. If not set, the session will continue indefinitely.
  • :session_domain - the hostname domain for which this session is valid. If not set, defaults to the hostname of the server.
  • :session_secure - if true, this session will only work over HTTPS.
  • :session_path - the path for which this session applies. Defaults to the directory of the CGI script.
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