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validates_numericality_of(*attr_names) public

Validates whether the value of the specified attribute is numeric by trying to convert it to a float with Kernel.Float (if integer is false) or applying it to the regular expression /^[+\-]?\d+$/ (if integer is set to true).

  class Person < ActiveRecord::Base
    validates_numericality_of :value, :on => :create

Configuration options:

  • message - A custom error message (default is: "is not a number")
  • on Specifies when this validation is active (default is :save, other options :create, :update)
  • only_integer Specifies whether the value has to be an integer, e.g. an integral value (default is false)
  • allow_nil Skip validation if attribute is nil (default is false). Notice that for fixnum and float columns empty strings are converted to nil
  • if - Specifies a method, proc or string to call to determine if the validation should

occur (e.g. :if => :allow_validation, or :if => Proc.new { |user| user.signup_step > 2 }). The method, proc or string should return or evaluate to a true or false value.

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