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Method deprecated or moved

This method is deprecated or moved on the latest stable version. The last existing version (v3.0.9) is shown here.

copy_instance_variables_from(object, exclude = []) public

Copies the instance variables of object into self.

Instance variable names in the exclude array are ignored. If object responds to protected_instance_variables the ones returned are also ignored. For example, Rails controllers implement that method.

In both cases strings and symbols are understood, and they have to include the at sign.

class C
  def initialize(x, y, z)
    @x, @y, @z = x, y, z

  def protected_instance_variables

a =, 1, 2)
b =, 4, 5)

a.copy_instance_variables_from(b, [:@y])
# a is now: @x = 3, @y = 1, @z = 2
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