Provides some helpers to deal with testing log subscribers by setting up notifications. Take for instance Active Record subscriber tests:

class SyncLogSubscriberTest < ActiveSupport::TestCase
  include ActiveSupport::LogSubscriber::TestHelper

  setup do

  def test_basic_query_logging
    assert_equal 1, @logger.logged(:debug).size
    assert_match(/Developer Load/, @logger.logged(:debug).last)
    assert_match(/SELECT \* FROM "developers"/, @logger.logged(:debug).last)

All you need to do is to ensure that your log subscriber is added to Rails::Subscriber, as in the second line of the code above. The test helpers are responsible for setting up the queue, subscriptions and turning colors in logs off.

The messages are available in the @logger instance, which is a logger with limited powers (it actually does not send anything to your output), and you can collect them doing @logger.logged(level), where level is the level used in logging, like info, debug, warn and so on.

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