Ruby on Rails latest stable (v5.2.3) - 1 note - Class: ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::Hash::ReverseMerge

Method deprecated or moved

This method is deprecated or moved on the latest stable version. The last existing version (v2.3.8) is shown here.

These similar methods exist in v5.2.3:

reverse_merge!(other_hash) public

Performs the opposite of merge, with the keys and values from the first hash taking precedence over the second. Modifies the receiver in place.

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July 22, 2008
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Allows for reverse merging where its the keys in the calling hash that wins over those in the other_hash. This is particularly useful for initializing an incoming option hash with default values:

def setup(options = {})
  options.reverse_merge! :size => 25, :velocity => 10

The default :size and :velocity is only set if the options passed in doesn‘t already have those keys set.