Ruby on Rails latest stable (v5.2.3) - 1 note - Class: ActiveResource::Base

Method deprecated or moved

This method is deprecated or moved on the latest stable version. The last existing version (v3.2.13) is shown here.

These similar methods exist in v5.2.3:

update_attribute(name, value) public

Updates a single attribute and then saves the object.

Note: Unlike ActiveRecord::Base.update_attribute, this method is subject to normal validation routines as an update sends the whole body of the resource in the request. (See Validations).

As such, this method is equivalent to calling update_attributes with a single attribute/value pair.

If the saving fails because of a connection or remote service error, an exception will be raised. If saving fails because the resource is invalid then false will be returned.

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May 15, 2013
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