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ActiveRecord::Tasks::DatabaseTasks is a utility class, which encapsulates logic behind common tasks used to manage database and migrations.

The tasks defined here are used with Rails commands provided by Active Record.

In order to use DatabaseTasks, a few config values need to be set. All the needed config values are set by Rails already, so it’s necessary to do it only if you want to change the defaults or when you want to use Active Record outside of Rails (in such case after configuring the database tasks, you can also use the rake tasks defined in Active Record).

The possible config values are:

  • env: current environment (like Rails.env).

  • database_configuration: configuration of your databases (as in config/database.yml).

  • db_dir: your db directory.

  • fixtures_path: a path to fixtures directory.

  • migrations_paths: a list of paths to directories with migrations.

  • seed_loader: an object which will load seeds, it needs to respond to the load_seed method.

  • root: a path to the root of the application.

Example usage of DatabaseTasks outside Rails could look as such:

include ActiveRecord::Tasks
DatabaseTasks.database_configuration = YAML.load_file('my_database_config.yml')
DatabaseTasks.db_dir = 'db'
# other settings...



LOCAL_HOSTS = ["", "localhost"]


[RW] database_configuration
[W] seed_loader
[W] env
[W] root
[W] fixtures_path
[W] migrations_paths
[W] db_dir
[W] current_config
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