save!(*args, &block) public

Saves the model.

If the model is new, a record gets created in the database, otherwise the existing record gets updated.

By default, #save! always runs validations. If any of them fail ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid gets raised, and the record won’t be saved. However, if you supply validate: false, validations are bypassed altogether. See ActiveRecord::Validations for more information.

By default, #save! also sets the updated_at/updated_on attributes to the current time. However, if you supply touch: false, these timestamps will not be updated.

There’s a series of callbacks associated with #save!. If any of the before_* callbacks throws :abort the action is cancelled and #save! raises ActiveRecord::RecordNotSaved. See ActiveRecord::Callbacks for further details.

Attributes marked as readonly are silently ignored if the record is being updated.

Unless an error is raised, returns true.

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