calculate(operation, column_name) public

This calculates aggregate values in the given column. Methods for #count, #sum, #average, #minimum, and #maximum have been added as shortcuts.

Person.calculate(:count, :all) # The same as Person.count
Person.average(:age) # SELECT AVG(age) FROM people...

# Selects the minimum age for any family without any minors
Person.group(:last_name).having("min(age) > 17").minimum(:age)

Person.sum("2 * age")

There are two basic forms of output:

  • Single aggregate value: The single value is type cast to Integer for COUNT, Float for AVG, and the given column’s type for everything else.

  • Grouped values: This returns an ordered hash of the values and groups them. It takes either a column name, or the name of a belongs_to association.

    values = Person.group('last_name').maximum(:age)
    puts values["Drake"]
    # => 43
    drake  = Family.find_by(last_name: 'Drake')
    values = Person.group(:family).maximum(:age) # Person belongs_to :family
    puts values[drake]
    # => 43
    values.each do |family, max_age|
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