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Web service invocation scaffolding provides a way to quickly invoke web service methods in a controller. The generated scaffold actions have default views to let you enter the method parameters and view the results.


  class ApiController < ActionController
    web_service_scaffold :invoke

This example generates an invoke action in the ApiController that you can navigate to from your browser, select the API method, enter its parameters, and perform the invocation.

If you want to customize the default views, create the following views in "app/views":

  • action_name/methods.rhtml
  • action_name/parameters.rhtml
  • action_name/result.rhtml
  • action_name/layout.rhtml

Where action_name is the name of the action you gave to ClassMethods#web_service_scaffold.

You can use the default views in RAILS_DIR/lib/action_web_service/templates/scaffolds as a guide.

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