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Invocation interceptors provide a means to execute custom code before and after method invocations on ActionWebService::Base objects.

When running in Direct dispatching mode, ActionController filters should be used for this functionality instead.

The semantics of invocation interceptors are the same as ActionController filters, and accept the same parameters and options.

A before interceptor can also cancel execution by returning false, or returning a [false, "cancel reason"] array if it wishes to supply a reason for canceling the request.


  class CustomService < ActionWebService::Base
    before_invocation :intercept_add, :only => [:add]

    def add(a, b)
      a + b

      def intercept_add
        return [false, "permission denied"] # cancel it


A list of methods for which the interceptor will NOT be called
A list of methods for which the interceptor WILL be called
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