strip_tags(html) public

Strips all HTML tags from html, including comments and special characters.

strip_tags("Strip <i>these</i> tags!")
# => Strip these tags!

strip_tags("<b>Bold</b> no more!  <a href='more.html'>See more here</a>...")
# => Bold no more!  See more here...

strip_tags("<div id='top-bar'>Welcome to my website!</div>")
# => Welcome to my website!

strip_tags("> A quote from Smith & Wesson")
# => > A quote from Smith & Wesson
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April 21, 2009 - (>= v2.3.2)
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strip_tags method not functioning in controllers, models, or libs

It comes up with an error about white_list_sanitizer undefined in the class you’re using it in. To get around this, use:


To shorten this, add something like this in an initializer:

class String
  def strip_tags

then call it with: