video_tag(*sources) public

Returns an HTML video tag for the sources. If sources is a string, a single video tag will be returned. If sources is an array, a video tag with nested source tags for each source will be returned. The sources can be full paths or files that exist in your public videos directory.


When the last parameter is a hash you can add HTML attributes using that parameter. The following options are supported:

  • :poster - Set an image (like a screenshot) to be shown before the video loads. The path is calculated like the src of image_tag.

  • :size - Supplied as “{Width}x{Height}” or “{Number}”, so “30x45” becomes width=“30” and height=“45”, and “50” becomes width=“50” and height=“50”. :size will be ignored if the value is not in the correct format.

  • :poster_skip_pipeline will bypass the asset pipeline when using the :poster option instead using an asset in the public folder.


# => <video src="/videos/trailer"></video>
# => <video src="/videos/trailer.ogg"></video>
video_tag("trailer.ogg", controls: true, preload: 'none')
# => <video preload="none" controls="controls" src="/videos/trailer.ogg"></video>
video_tag("trailer.m4v", size: "16x10", poster: "screenshot.png")
# => <video src="/videos/trailer.m4v" width="16" height="10" poster="/assets/screenshot.png"></video>
video_tag("trailer.m4v", size: "16x10", poster: "screenshot.png", poster_skip_pipeline: true)
# => <video src="/videos/trailer.m4v" width="16" height="10" poster="screenshot.png"></video>
video_tag("/trailers/hd.avi", size: "16x16")
# => <video src="/trailers/hd.avi" width="16" height="16"></video>
video_tag("/trailers/hd.avi", size: "16")
# => <video height="16" src="/trailers/hd.avi" width="16"></video>
video_tag("/trailers/hd.avi", height: '32', width: '32')
# => <video height="32" src="/trailers/hd.avi" width="32"></video>
video_tag("trailer.ogg", "trailer.flv")
# => <video><source src="/videos/trailer.ogg" /><source src="/videos/trailer.flv" /></video>
video_tag(["trailer.ogg", "trailer.flv"])
# => <video><source src="/videos/trailer.ogg" /><source src="/videos/trailer.flv" /></video>
video_tag(["trailer.ogg", "trailer.flv"], size: "160x120")
# => <video height="120" width="160"><source src="/videos/trailer.ogg" /><source src="/videos/trailer.flv" /></video>
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