headers(args = nil) public

Allows you to pass random and unusual headers to the new +Mail::Message+ object which will add them to itself.

headers['X-Special-Domain-Specific-Header'] = "SecretValue"

You can also pass a hash into headers of header field names and values, which will then be set on the +Mail::Message+ object:

headers 'X-Special-Domain-Specific-Header' => "SecretValue",
        'In-Reply-To' => incoming.message_id

The resulting +Mail::Message+ will have the following in its header:

X-Special-Domain-Specific-Header: SecretValue

Note about replacing already defined headers:

  • subject

  • sender

  • from

  • to

  • cc

  • bcc

  • reply-to

  • orig-date

  • message-id

  • references

Fields can only appear once in email headers while other fields such as X-Anything can appear multiple times.

If you want to replace any header which already exists, first set it to nil in order to reset the value otherwise another field will be added for the same header.

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