Ruby on Rails latest stable (v6.1.7.7) - 0 notes - Superclass: BaseController

Ingests inbound emails from Mandrill.

Requires a mandrill_events parameter containing a JSON array of Mandrill inbound email event objects. Each event is expected to have a msg object containing a full RFC 822 message in its raw_msg property.


  • 204 No Content if an inbound email is successfully recorded and enqueued for routing to the appropriate mailbox

  • 401 Unauthorized if the request’s signature could not be validated

  • 404 Not Found if Action Mailbox is not configured to accept inbound emails from Mandrill

  • 422 Unprocessable Entity if the request is missing required parameters

  • 500 Server Error if the Mandrill API key is missing, or one of the Active Record database, the Active Storage service, or the Active Job backend is misconfigured or unavailable

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