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Module deprecated or moved

This module is deprecated or moved on the latest stable version. The last existing version (v1.0.0) is shown here.


Which means that it doesn’t yet work on all systems. We’re still working on full compatibility. It’s thus not advised to use this unless you’ve verified it to work fully on all the systems that is a part of your environment. Consider this an extended preview.

To enable this module, add ActionController::Base.enable_upload_progress to your config/environment.rb file.

Action Pack Upload <a href="/rails/ActionController/UploadProgress/Progress">Progress</a> for multipart uploads

The UploadProgress module aids in the process of viewing an Ajax driven upload status when working with multipart forms. It offers a macro that will prepare an action for handling the cleanup of the Ajax updating including passing the redirect URL and custom parameters to the Javascript finish handler.

UploadProgress is available for all multipart uploads when the upload_status_for macro is called in one of your controllers.

The progress is stored as an UploadProgress::Progress object in the session and is accessible in the controller and view with the upload_progress method.

For help rendering the UploadProgress enabled form and supported elements, see ActionView::Helpers::UploadProgressHelper.

Automatic updating on upload actions

  class DocumentController < ApplicationController
    upload_status_for  :create

    def create
      # ... Your document creation action

The upload_status_for macro will override the rendering of the action passed if upload_id is found in the query string. This allows for default behavior if Javascript is disabled. If you are tracking the upload progress then create will now return the cleanup scripts that will terminate the polling of the upload status.

Customized status rendering

  class DocumentController < ApplicationController
    upload_status_for  :create, :status => :custom_status

    def create
      # ... Your document creation action

    def custom_status
      # ... Override this action to return content to be replaced in
      # the status container
      render :inline => "<%= upload_progress.completed_percent rescue 0 %> % complete", :layout => false

The default status action is upload_status. The results of this action are added used to replace the contents of the HTML elements defined in upload_status_tag. Within upload_status, you can load the Progress object from the session with the upload_progress method and display your own results.

Completion of the upload status updating occurs automatically with an after_filter call to finish_upload_status. Because the upload must be posted into a hidden IFRAME to enable Ajax updates during the upload, finish_upload_status overwrites the results of any previous render or redirect_to so it can render the necessary Javascript that will properly terminate the status updating loop, trigger the completion callback or redirect to the appropriate URL.

Basic Example (View):

 <%= form_tag_with_upload_progress({:action => 'create'}, {:finish => 'alert("Document Uploaded")'}) %>
 <%= upload_status_tag %>
 <%= file_field 'document', 'file' %>
 <%= end_form_tag %>

Basic Example (Controller):

 class DocumentController < ApplicationController
   upload_status_for :create

   def create
     @document = Document.create(params[:document])

Extended Example (View):

 <%= form_tag_with_upload_progress({:action => 'create'}, {}, {:action => :custom_status}) %>
 <%= upload_status_tag %>
 <%= file_field 'document', 'file' %>
 <%= submit_tag "Upload" %>
 <%= end_form_tag %>

 <%= form_tag_with_upload_progress({:action => 'add_preview'}, {:finish => 'alert(arguments[0])'}, {:action => :custom_status})  %>
 <%= upload_status_tag %>
 <%= submit_tag "Upload" %>
 <%= file_field 'preview', 'file' %>
 <%= end_form_tag %>

Extended Example (Controller):

 class DocumentController < ApplicationController
   upload_status_for :add_preview, :create, {:status => :custom_status}

   def add_preview
    @document = Document.find(params[:id])
    @document.preview = Preview.create(params[:preview])
    if @document.save
      finish_upload_status "'Preview added'"
      finish_upload_status "'Preview not added'"

  def create
    @document = Document.new(params[:document])

    upload_progress.message = "Processing document..."

    redirect_to :action => 'show', :id => @document.id

  def custom_status
    render :inline => '<%= upload_progress_status %> <div>Updated at <%= Time.now %></div>', :layout => false

Environment checklist

This is an experimental feature that requires a specific webserver environment. Use the following checklist to confirm that you have an environment that supports upload progress.

  • Running the command `ruby -v` should print "ruby 1.8.2 (2004-12-25)" or older
Web server:
  • Apache 1.3, Apache 2.0 or Lighttpd 1.4 (need to build lighttpd from CVS)
FastCGI bindings:
  • > 0.8.6 and must be the compiled C version of the bindings
  • The command `ruby -e "p require(‘fcgi.so’)"` should print "true"
Apache/Lighttpd FastCGI directives:
  • You must allow more than one FCGI server process to allow concurrent requests.
  • If there is only a single FCGI process you will not get the upload status updates.
  • You can check this by taking a look for running FCGI servers in your process list during a progress upload.
  • Apache directive: FastCGIConfig -minProcesses 2
  • Lighttpd directives taken from config/lighttpd.conf (min-procs):
      fastcgi.server = (
       ".fcgi" => (
        "APP_NAME" => (
         "socket" => "/tmp/APP_NAME1.socket",
         "bin-path" => "RAILS_ROOT/public/dispatch.fcgi",
         "min-procs" => 2
  • Add the following line to your config/environment.rb and restart your web server.
  • ActionController::Base.enable_upload_progress
Development log:
  • When the upload progress is enabled by you will find something the following lines:
  • "Multipart upload with progress (id: 1, size: 85464)"
  • "Finished processing multipart upload in 0.363729s"
  • If you are properly running multiple FCGI processes, then you will see multiple entries for rendering the "upload_status" action before the "Finish processing…" log entry. This is a *good thing* :)
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