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June 15, 2011 - (>= v2.0.0)
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March 22, 2011
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Find a random *set* of records (without killing the db)

If you want to find any number of records without sorting your entire table randomly every time, try the solution I posted here:


March 16, 2011 - (<= v2.3.8)
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January 24, 2011
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you probably want:


or possibly:

ActionController::TestRequest.new (which has a demo of how to set env vars on a controller test)

December 9, 2010 - (<= v2.3.8)
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Gotcha: index name must be a string, not a symbol

Using rails 2.3.8 I kept getting an exception when i tried:

add_index :widgets, [:colour, :weight], :name => :index_by_colour_weight

it’s solved by using:

add_index :widgets, [:colour, :weight], :name => 'index_by_colour_weight'
November 14, 2010 - (v1.0.0 - v2.3.8)
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In Rails 3 you can find it here

In Rails 3 - this validation is moved to the HelperMethods

August 24, 2010 - (>= v2.3.2)
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Instead of using:


Now use:

May 7, 2009
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Shouldn’t the second example be:

[1,2].zip(a,b)         #=> [[1, 4, 7], [2, 5, 8], [nil,6,9]]

??? or am I missing something?

April 16, 2009
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Known unknowns

In case it isn’t obvious - this is what you use when you’re fleshing out all the tests that you haven’t written yet. eg if you have a set of twenty tests for a complex piece of functionality, and just want to write out the “should” declarations (or equivalent), so you don’t forget all the corner cases… then fill out the tests themselves. Putting an assert_fail makes sure you notice if you forget to come back and fill in the body of a test.

March 27, 2009
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Deprecated - replacement method

The description rightly lists this as deprecated, but using it will still work atm, as it seems to have moved to ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::Module instead.

So your code should still work.