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August 4, 2010 - (>= v2.0.0)
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Testing Named Scopes

Thanks for the example of testing named_scopes. Being new to Rails, I struggled to find examples that I could understand. Here is another “simple” test for a named_scope

Mine differs slightly from the one above in that I had to remove a set of {} in the :conditions in my test to avoid an “odd number list for Hash” error. I also replace the param-binding “?” with the number I expect to send in as an argument. My test would did know what args[0] was. I got an “undefined local variable” error.

The named scope in my model:

named_scope :up_to_and_including_year, lambda{ |*args| {

:conditions => [“to_char(grad_dt1,‘YYYY’) <= ?”, args[0]] }}

The test:

test "named_scope :up_to_and_including_year" do
  expected_options = { :conditions =>  ["to_char(grad_dt1,'YYYY') <= ?", '2010'] }
  assert_equal expected_options, Sso::CourseTaken.up_to_and_including_year('2010').proxy_options