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January 15, 2011 - (v2.3.2 - v2.3.8)
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Parameter extraction logic changed in Rails 2.3!

What is documented here about Rails parameter extraction always getting the first occurrence of a key is apparently incorrect (in Rails 2.3 it gets the last occurrence).

See the following email thread on [rubyonrails-core]:


I quote:

> In the docs for ActionView::Helpers::FormHelper#check_box, when
> discussing why the method adds a hidden input tag _after_ the checkbox
> tag, it says
>  "...Rails parameters extraction always gets the first occurrence of
> any given key..."
> I'm not sure this is still the case.

Indeed it changed in 2.3 but unfortunately the patch didn't update the
docs. We noticed this a few days ago, they are correct now in edge.