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January 30, 2010
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Paying attention to query parameters

Standard action caching ignores query parameters, which means you’d get the same results for a URL with and without query parameters if it was action cached. You can make it pay attention to them by using a custom cache path like so:

caches_action :my_action, :cache_path => Proc.new { |c| c.params }

Or, maybe you want some of the query parameters, but not all to factor into different versions of that action’s cache:

:cache_path => Proc.new { |c| c.params.delete_if { |k,v| k.starts_with?('utm_') } }

Beware of things like pagination if you use expires_in to expire the cache, as pages could get out of sync.

July 17, 2008
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Where you declare before_destroy matters

Beware that where you declare a before_destroy callback matters if you have any “acts_as” type declarations, that also declare before_destroy callbacks. A good example is the acts_as_nested_set. If you specify acts_as_nested_set prior to your before_destroy, then acts_as_nested_set will go through and destroy all children first, then your callback will run (at which point children will be empty). Thus, if your before_destroy callback needs to examine the children, it will not work properly. Putting your before_destroy callback ahead of acts_as_nested_set or anything else that declares a before_destroy is key in such cases.