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verify(p1, p2, p3 = v3) public

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static VALUE
ossl_ocspreq_verify(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self)
    VALUE certs, store, flags;
    OCSP_REQUEST *req;
    STACK_OF(X509) *x509s;
    X509_STORE *x509st;
    int flg, result;

    rb_scan_args(argc, argv, "21", &certs, &store, &flags);
    x509st = GetX509StorePtr(store);
    flg = NIL_P(flags) ? 0 : NUM2INT(flags);
    x509s = ossl_x509_ary2sk(certs);
    GetOCSPReq(self, req);
    result = OCSP_request_verify(req, x509s, x509st, flg);
    sk_X509_pop_free(x509s, X509_free);
    if(!result) rb_warn("%s", ERR_error_string(ERR_peek_error(), NULL));

    return result ? Qtrue : Qfalse;
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