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certid() public

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static VALUE
ossl_ocspreq_get_certid(VALUE self)
    OCSP_REQUEST *req;
    OCSP_ONEREQ *one;
    OCSP_CERTID *id;
    VALUE ary, tmp;
    int i, count;

    GetOCSPReq(self, req);
    count = OCSP_request_onereq_count(req);
    ary = (count > 0) ? rb_ary_new() : Qnil;
    for(i = 0; i < count; i++){
        one = OCSP_request_onereq_get0(req, i);
        if(!(id = OCSP_CERTID_dup(OCSP_onereq_get0_id(one))))
            ossl_raise(eOCSPError, NULL);
        WrapOCSPCertId(cOCSPCertId, tmp, id);
        rb_ary_push(ary, tmp);

    return ary;
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