add_status(p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7) public

Adds a certificate status for certificate_id. status is the status, and must be one of these:




reason and revocation_time can be given only when status is OpenSSL::OCSP::V_CERTSTATUS_REVOKED. reason describes the reason for the revocation, and must be one of OpenSSL::OCSP::REVOKED_STATUS_* constants. revocation_time is the time when the certificate is revoked.

this_update and next_update indicate the time at which ths status is verified to be correct and the time at or before which newer information will be available, respectively. next_update is optional.

extensions is an Array of OpenSSL::X509::Extension to be included in the SingleResponse. This is also optional.

Note that the times, revocation_time, this_update and next_update can be specified in either of Integer or Time object. If they are Integer, it is treated as the relative seconds from the current time.

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