Integer(p1, p2 = v2) public

Converts arg to a Fixnum or Bignum. Numeric types are converted directly (with floating point numbers being truncated). base (0, or between 2 and 36) is a base for integer string representation. If arg is a String, when base is omitted or equals to zero, radix indicators (0, 0b, and 0x) are honored. In any case, strings should be strictly conformed to numeric representation. This behavior is different from that of String#to_i. Non string values will be converted using to_int, and to_i.

Integer(123.999)    #=> 123
Integer("0x1a")     #=> 26
Integer(Time.new)   #=> 1204973019
Integer("0930", 10) #=> 930
Integer("111", 2)   #=> 7
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