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handle_conflict(dep, existing) public

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# File lib/rubygems/resolver.rb, line 224
  def handle_conflict(dep, existing) # :nodoc:
    # There is a conflict! We return the conflict object which will be seen by
    # the caller and be handled at the right level.

    # If the existing activation indicates that there are other possibles for
    # it, then issue the conflict on the dependency for the activation itself.
    # Otherwise, if there was a requester, issue it on the requester's
    # request itself.
    # Finally, if the existing request has no requester (toplevel) unwind to
    # it anyway.

    if existing.others_possible?
      conflict =
        Gem::Resolver::Conflict.new dep, existing
    elsif dep.requester
      depreq = dep.requester.request
      conflict =
        Gem::Resolver::Conflict.new depreq, existing, dep
    elsif existing.request.requester.nil?
      conflict =
        Gem::Resolver::Conflict.new dep, existing
      raise Gem::DependencyError, "Unable to figure out how to unwind conflict"

    @conflicts << conflict unless @conflicts.include? conflict

    return conflict
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