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attrset(p1) public

Sets the current attributes of the given window to attrs.

The following video attributes, defined in <curses.h>, can be passed to the routines Curses::Window.attron, Curses::Window.attroff, and Curses::Window.attrset, or OR’d with the characters passed to addch.

A_NORMAL        Normal display (no highlight)
A_STANDOUT      Best highlighting mode of the terminal.
A_UNDERLINE     Underlining
A_REVERSE       Reverse video
A_BLINK         Blinking
A_DIM           Half bright
A_BOLD          Extra bright or bold
A_PROTECT       Protected mode
A_INVIS         Invisible or blank mode
A_ALTCHARSET    Alternate character set
A_CHARTEXT      Bit-mask to extract a character
COLOR_PAIR(n)   Color-pair number n

TODO: provide some examples here.

see also system manual curs_attr(3)

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