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superclass_delegating_accessor(name, options = {}) public

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# File activesupport/lib/active_support/core_ext/class/delegating_attributes.rb, line 7
  def superclass_delegating_accessor(name, options = {})
    # Create private _name and _name= methods that can still be used if the public
    # methods are overridden.
    _superclass_delegating_accessor("_#{name}", options)

    # Generate the public methods name, name=, and name?.
    # These methods dispatch to the private _name, and _name= methods, making them
    # overridable.
    singleton_class.send(:define_method, name) { send("_#{name}") }
    singleton_class.send(:define_method, "#{name}?") { !!send("_#{name}") }
    singleton_class.send(:define_method, "#{name}=") { |value| send("_#{name}=", value) }

    # If an instance_reader is needed, generate public instance methods name and name?.
    if options[:instance_reader] != false
      define_method(name) { send("_#{name}") }
      define_method("#{name}?") { !!send("#{name}") }
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