Ruby on Rails latest stable (v7.1.3.2) - 0 notes - Class: Blob
upload(io, identify: true) public

Uploads the io to the service on the key for this blob. Blobs are intended to be immutable, so you shouldn’t be using this method after a file has already been uploaded to fit with a blob. If you want to create a derivative blob, you should instead simply create a new blob based on the old one.

Prior to uploading, we compute the checksum, which is sent to the service for transit integrity validation. If the checksum does not match what the service receives, an exception will be raised. We also measure the size of the io and store that in byte_size on the blob record. The content type is automatically extracted from the io unless you specify a content_type and pass identify as false.

Normally, you do not have to call this method directly at all. Use the create_and_upload! class method instead. If you do use this method directly, make sure you are using it on a persisted Blob as otherwise another blob’s data might get overwritten on the service.

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