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read_time_parameter_value(name, values_hash_from_param) private

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# File activerecord/lib/active_record/attribute_assignment.rb, line 161
    def read_time_parameter_value(name, values_hash_from_param)
      # If Date bits were not provided, error
      raise "Missing Parameter" if [1,2,3].any?{|position| !values_hash_from_param.has_key?(position)}
      max_position = extract_max_param_for_multiparameter_attributes(values_hash_from_param, 6)
      # If Date bits were provided but blank, then return nil
      return nil if (1..3).any? {|position| values_hash_from_param[position].blank?}

      set_values = (1..max_position).collect{|position| values_hash_from_param[position] }
      # If Time bits are not there, then default to 0
      (3..5).each {|i| set_values[i] = set_values[i].blank? ? 0 : set_values[i]}
      instantiate_time_object(name, set_values)
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