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drop_receiving_element_js(element_id, options = {}) public

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# File actionpack/lib/action_view/helpers/scriptaculous_helper.rb, line 207
      def drop_receiving_element_js(element_id, options = {}) #:nodoc:
        options[:with]     ||= "'id=' + encodeURIComponent(element.id)"
        options[:onDrop]   ||= "function(element){" + remote_function(options) + "}"
        options.delete_if { |key, value| PrototypeHelper::AJAX_OPTIONS.include?(key) }

        options[:accept] = array_or_string_for_javascript(options[:accept]) if options[:accept]
        options[:hoverclass] = "'#{options[:hoverclass]}'" if options[:hoverclass]

        # Confirmation happens during the onDrop callback, so it can be removed from the options
        options.delete(:confirm) if options[:confirm]

        %(Droppables.add(#{ActiveSupport::JSON.encode(element_id)}, #{options_for_javascript(options)});)
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