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select_html(type, html_options, options, select_tag_options = {}) private

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# File actionpack/lib/action_view/helpers/date_helper.rb, line 572
        def select_html(type, html_options, options, select_tag_options = {})
          name_and_id_from_options(options, type)
          select_options = {:id => options[:id], :name => options[:name]}
          select_options.merge!(:disabled => 'disabled') if options[:disabled]
          select_options.merge!(select_tag_options) unless select_tag_options.empty?
          select_html = "\n"
          select_html << content_tag(:option, '', :value => '') + "\n" if options[:include_blank]
          select_html << html_options.to_s
          content_tag(:select, select_html, select_options) + "\n"
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