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normalize_options!() public

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# File actionpack/lib/action_dispatch/routing/route_set.rb, line 542
        def normalize_options!
          # If an explicit :controller was given, always make :action explicit
          # too, so that action expiry works as expected for things like
          #   generate({controller: 'content'}, {controller: 'content', action: 'show'})
          # (the above is from the unit tests). In the above case, because the
          # controller was explicitly given, but no action, the action is implied to
          # be "index", not the recalled action of "show".

          if options[:controller]
            options[:action]     ||= 'index'
            options[:controller]   = options[:controller].to_s

          if options.key?(:action)
            options[:action] = (options[:action] || 'index').to_s
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