daemon(nochdir = nil, noclose = nil) public

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# File activesupport/lib/active_support/core_ext/process/daemon.rb, line 2
  def self.daemon(nochdir = nil, noclose = nil)
    exit if fork                     # Parent exits, child continues.
    Process.setsid                   # Become session leader.
    exit if fork                     # Zap session leader. See [1].

    unless nochdir
      Dir.chdir "/"                  # Release old working directory.

    File.umask 0000                  # Ensure sensible umask. Adjust as needed.

    unless noclose
      STDIN.reopen "/dev/null"       # Free file descriptors and
      STDOUT.reopen "/dev/null", "a" # point them somewhere sensible.
      STDERR.reopen '/dev/null', 'a'

    trap("TERM") { exit }

    return 0
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