justify(integer, way, padstr=' ') protected

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# File activesupport/lib/active_support/multibyte/chars.rb, line 446
        def justify(integer, way, padstr=' ') #:nodoc:
          raise ArgumentError, "zero width padding" if padstr.length == 0
          padsize = integer - size
          padsize = padsize > 0 ? padsize : 0
          case way
          when :right
            result = @wrapped_string.dup.insert(0, padding(padsize, padstr))
          when :left
            result = @wrapped_string.dup.insert(-1, padding(padsize, padstr))
          when :center
            lpad = padding((padsize / 2.0).floor, padstr)
            rpad = padding((padsize / 2.0).ceil, padstr)
            result = @wrapped_string.dup.insert(0, lpad).insert(-1, rpad)
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