with_scope(method_scoping = {}) public

Scope parameters to method calls within the block. Takes a hash of method_name => parameters hash. method_name may be :find or :create. :find parameters may include the :conditions, :joins, :offset, :limit, and :readonly options. :create parameters are an attributes hash.

  Article.with_scope(:find => { :conditions => "blog_id = 1" }, :create => { :blog_id => 1 }) do
    Article.find(1) # => SELECT * from articles WHERE blog_id = 1 AND id = 1
    a = Article.create(1)
    a.blog_id == 1
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January 14, 2010
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:find takes more keys than written

The documentation says that the :find keywords “may include the :conditions, :joins, :include, :offset, :limit, and :readonly options”. Note that this does not mean that only those options are supported. :sort also works like it should, for example.